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Modern Concrete Consulting is a concrete flooring consulting company. Our experts help designers, owners, companies, and contractors with their resurfacing projects. We are able to specify the proper application procedure for your project and arrange multiple competitive bids. Concrete resurfacing is a fast growing industry that is very dynamic. Modern Concrete Consulting will clear the smoke and mirrors and assure your doing the project right at the proper cost.

Modern Concrete Consulting


Our extensive knowledge of all the products and application techniques available allow us to better design a system that suits your needs. We can lay out all the options and price points for the different choices, and simplify things to make it easier to understand for people unfamiliar with concrete flooring. MCSC sends real experts to your project and equips you with knowledge and means that saves you time and money. We work on your side when hiring a contractor - unlike contractors who are going to champion their process as opposed to their competitor’s application process. Modern Concrete Consulting. will select the appropriate process and guide you to the right contractors for that application.